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More retail bankruptcies mean more worthless gift cards…

This week’s announcement of bankruptcy by Borders Book Stores is another in an ever-growing list of retailers who have left consumers holding the bag, or more appropriately an empty bag, as their gift cards will be rendered worthless.

What surprised me is the depth and breadth of retail organizations that are either on their way out or likely to fail in the next twelve months. An article on the investment site www.investinganswers.com this month lists more than twenty large, nationwide retail companies that are at an elevated risk of failure. The assortment includes such gift-card staples as Macy’s, Cabela’s, RiteAid, Zales Jewelers, Talbots, and seventeen more. I have reprinted the graphic from their article below. (mais…)


Gasto olímpico grego ilustra a perda de controle das finanças 


A realização das Olimpíadas de 2004 foi determinante para a crise da Grécia? Quando se imagina que hoje cada cidadão grego tem uma parcela de aproximadamente US$ 45 mil na dívida do país, é quase inevitável especular o quanto que os gastos desenfreados para viabilizar os Jogos de Atenas ajudaram para cavar o buraco atual. E, apesar de a resposta para a pergunta inicial ser não, um exame da aventura olímpica dos gregos serve para ilustrar por que hoje o país está à porta da União Europeia e do FMI com o pires na mão. (mais…)


Bank Lobby Says ‘Fight Continues’ on Debit Card

Fees, Warns of ‘Dire Consequences’

by Marian Wang 



The banking industry stands to lose billions in debit card transaction fees after losing one of its biggest lobbying battles this year—but for the banks, that was just Round One.  (mais…)


Câmara dos EUA rejeita resolução autorizando

ação militar na Líbia

Alessandra Corrêa

Da BBC Brasil em Washington

Líbios rezam diante de bandeira americana em Benghazi. AP

Republicanos dizem que Obama deveria ter consultado o Congresso antes de autorizar missão

Em uma decisão considerada simbólica, a Câmara dos Representantes (deputados federais) dos Estados Unidos rejeitou nesta sexta-feira uma resolução que dava autorização formal ao presidente Barack Obama para manter as ações militares americanas na Líbia. (mais…)


Latest on Obama’s War Powers Act Workaround

by Marian Wang
ProPublica, Libya, A History: The Country, The Food, The Dictator

More evidence emerged this weekend that could inflame what’s become a growing controversy about the legitimacy of U.S. operations in Libya.  (mais…)


Bankers Order the Looting of Greece

According to Max Keiser, people of the kinds of Forbes are already in Greece to get its assets for pennies on the Euro. It is now clear the rest of the countries will come next. That is the plan.


A restructuring of Greece’s 340 billion euro ($481.5 billion) debt is not on the agenda and would damage the country’s credibility on bond markets, the European Union’s internal markets commissioner said on Saturday.

Forcing Greece’s private creditors to take part in an upcoming aid package would count as a restructuring and is not being considered either, Michel Barnier told Europe 1 radio. (mais…)

Eye on Loan Modifications

Better Late Than Never? Gov’t Finally Penalizes

Major Banks for Mortgage Mod Failures

by Paul Kiel

.Photo by Dan Nguyen/ProPublica

The Obama administration’s mortgage modification program is more than two years old. From the beginning, it’s been apparent that the participating banks and mortgage servicers were breaking the program’s rules. (mais…)

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