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In the Allied War in Libya, Exactly How Involved Is the United


by Marian Wang

Wrecked tanks and military vehicles belonging to Muammar Qaddafi’s forces are pictured along the road on March 21, 2011, after Western-led air strikes destroyed much of the Libyan forces’ armor. (Patrick Baz/AFP/Getty Images)

Western military intervention in Libya—which began with air strikes over the weekend—has been described so far as analliance led by the United States. It’s a label the Obama administration appears anxious to hand off, as it faces criticism at home for launching the attack without congressional authorization and seeks to disprove fears that the intervention will become a protracted war without a clear exit plan. (mais…)


Mexico’s drug war disappearances leave families in anguish

Thousands of people have vanished without a trace – some caught up in violence, others for no reason anyone can fathom. Relatives remain in agonized limbo

Migrants in MexicoCentral American migrants attend a prayer service at a shelter in Lecheria, Mexico. Migrants are particularly vulnerable to kidnappings. (Alexandre Meneghini, AP / March 7, 2011)
    By Wilkinson, Los Angeles Times
    Reporting from Mexico City —
They had scraped together money for a vacation in the port city of Veracruz. Four couples, owners of small fruit and taco shops, from the quiet state of Guanajuato. (mais…)


The Toppling: How the Media Inflated the Fall of

Saddam’s Statue in Firdos Square

U.S marines and Iraqis are seen on April 9, 2003, as the statue of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein is toppled at Firdos Square in Baghdad, Iraq. (Wathiq Khuzaie /Getty Images)

by Peter Maass

This story was co-published with The New Yorker.

This story is not subject to our Creative Commons license.

On April 9, 2003, Lieutenant Colonel Bryan McCoy, commander of the 3rd Battalion 4th Marines, awoke at a military base captured from the Iraqis a few miles from the center of Baghdad, which was still held by the enemy. It had been 20 days since the invasion of Iraq began, and McCoy had some personal chores to take care of—washing his socks, for one. Afterward, he walked over to a group of marines under his command who were defacing a mural of Saddam Hussein. As I watched, he picked up a sledgehammer and struck a few blows himself. The men cheered. Then he began preparing for the serious business of the day: leading the battalion into the heart of the city. He expected a house-to-house brawl that would last several days. (mais…)

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